Team Effectiveness – Workshops

Team Leader Development Program


Leading teams requires the ability to bring together multiple disciplines, often with matrix reporting, and quickly get people aligned on a common goal. The team leader needs to operate more out of a position of indirect influence than direct authority. Influencing multidisciplinary team demands self-awareness, project leadership skills and the ability to influence through a network to drive innovation and learning that achieve the team’s mission.

The overarching objective of the Team Leader Development Program is to quickly and practically prepare current and future team leaders to more skillfully lead projects and people.

Program Goals

  • Increase interdisciplinary interactions to accelerate and strengthen work across the organizational network.
  • Gain insight into the role of a team leader from being an expert/individual contributor to a leader of people and project teams applying strategic thinking, innovative solutions, collaborative engagement and disciplined execution.
  • Develop self-awareness into the importance of leadership and influence skills applying dialogue, listening, collaboration and conflict management

Program Design

The Team Leader Development program will have three core design components:
1) Review of assessment data for insight, 2) Workshops for learning key team concepts, processes and tools, and 3) Action Learning to practice new team concepts, processes and tools back at the workplace. The results of the Action Learning will be documented in the Development Plan and shared with Manager(s).

Program Format

During each Session (1-3) there will be a Workshop starting at 8am-1:30pm with 1- hour individual coaching sessions in the afternoon for each participant. The Action Learning component will be done by each participant between each Phase to apply and test what has been learned in each Workshop. Each participant will complete a written Development Plan at the end of the Program which will include results of Action Learning.

Program Overview

program overview

Session 1: Building Self-Awareness

  • Workshop: self-assessments, reflection on current behaviors & opportunities to practice new skills
  • Action Learning: identify opportunities to experiment with relationship building concepts, practices and tools, i.e., dialogue, listening, collaboration and conflict management

Session 2: Leading People and Project Teams

  • Workshop: reflect on Phase 1: Action Learning opportunities; learn leadership concepts, practices and tools
  • Action Learning: identify opportunity to apply new leadership concept processes and tools with people and projects.

Session 3: Expanding Network and Influence in the Organization

  • Workshop: reflect on Phase 2: Action Learning opportunities; learn concepts, practices and tools for networking and influence building
  • Action Learning: apply networking and influence to multiple opportunities and write Leadership Development Plan to be shared with peer coach and manager.