Team Effectiveness – Approach


Significant changes, such as a rapid expansion, new acquisition or turnover in long standing team members often signal the need to review and reset the team’s alignment and performance. The arrival of a new team leader is also often a trigger for a review of the team’s current practices and dynamic. ArnzenGroup’s Team Effectiveness process enables the team to examine its current state, and then plan and execute improvements to its performance.

Typical Clients

Leaders often initiate Team Effectiveness projects when they are;

  • new in their position,
  • facing significant new challenges, or
  • executing new, strategic organizational objectives.


ArnzenGroup’s approach to team development is akin to real-time coaching of the team as it works on the critical opportunities and challenges it faces. The generic outline below is adapted to the team’s specific challenges and culture. The resulting process will be a highly interactive and insightful dialogue, producing actions that lead to a more cohesive and productive team


Typically, ArnzenGroup supports executive teams in;

  • Improving efficiency, effectiveness and innovation
  • Clarifying the team’s priorities and focus on its critical leadership work
  • Clarifying roles, responsibilities and expectations
  • Improving planning, decision-making and coordination
  • Building mutual accountability for shared team goals
  • Creating a new team agenda and improving team meetings
  • Leveraging team members’ skills and experience

How it works

Phase 1 – Preparation

The facilitator & team leader agree goals for the project, and review current business and organizational challenges. Team members provide their input on the team’s current operational effectiveness by completing a short confidential questionnaire.

Phase 2 – Team Meeting(s)

See “Aspects of team effectiveness which will be addressed” below.

Phase 3 – Implementation

Subsequent activities will be designed to support and reinforce the team as it implements changes in its individual and team behaviors. ArnzenGroup’s coaches may also connect with team members to refine and support a personal development plan.

Aspects of team effectiveness which will be addressed include;

  • Overall Direction & Alignment
  • Focus on Strategy, Assignments & Resources
  • Decision-Making, Coordination & Communication Effectiveness
  • Culture & Environment of Accountability, Trust & Performance
  • Risk-Taking & Innovation
  • Organizational Climate
  • Leadership


  • Common sense of purpose
  • Shared vision of how to add value to the business
  • Greater accountability for shared goals
  • Better coordination & collaboration
  • Improved decision-making
  • More productive meetings

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